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The New Beauty Revolution

S//S (pronounced ess-ess) is the new revolution in beauty. We make it easy to shop, swap, and sell with other beauty lovers. Don’t be stuck with something you don’t love. Buyer’s remorse is a thing of the past. Re-home pre-owned products on our marketplace.
S//Service is a given around here. We have a money-back guarantee because if you didn’t get what was described, you shouldn’t have to pay. We hold our members to a very high standard of integrity.

We have everything you need to confidently shop, shop, and/or sell from beginning to end:
- From posting a listing (or twenty

- Direct messaging;
- Accepting a sale;
- to printing off your shipping label.

For more details about how it all works, visit our blo
g. (Link in the header under the About tab.)

Seller Profile

You can build your own community S//Sisters by encouraging S//Shoppers to follow your profile to stay updated on your latest sales.

Safe Payments

All payments are processed by Stripe.
(Other companies you may know who rely on Stripe include, Glossier, Warby Parker, Target, Lyft, Kickstarter, and Shopify.)


If what you recieved does not match the described item, you will get your money-back. You must report the incident within 3 days of delivery.


Buying from someone new? Check out what others have said about them in their profile.

Things you can do on S//S....


Rehome your unloved items and maybe make a lil $$ while you're at it. Listing is FREE and only takes 30 seconds to upload a picture and answer a few simple questions.


Shop and score from the S//Sister community.

Every purchase is backed by our S//Secure money-back policy. (Terms and conditions apply.)


ISO 2018 Edition

Looking to buy or trade something specific in mind? Stop wasting time searching and negotiating. Get alerts when you're matched with a potential Swap//Sister.

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If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, don't hesitate to reach out!